Residential and Domestic Sprinklers (AQ3000) Case Studies

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Quaker Meeting House, Stourbridge.


Quaker Meeting House, Stourbridge.

Fire risk analysis

The Meeting House is almost unique in the Black Country as a building over 300 years oldthat retains its original use in virtually unaltered premises. Dating back to 1689, thisbuilding is the last of its type, as a similar House was tragically lost to fire a few years ago. Due to the varied uses of the property, a fire risk analysis determined that it would be wise to consider an automatic fire sprinkler system in order to protect the property and roof void.


Autoquench were recommended, having designed and installed fire sprinkler systems to listed buildings for both the private sector and the National Trust. An important aspect ofthe design and installation was to ensure that the integrity of the building was notcompromised, and that the pipe work was concealed and as unobtrusive as possible.

By careful design, Autoquench adopted a hybrid approach, where plastic CPVC pipe workwas used where concealing was possible, and natural copper pipe was used wheresurface mounting was inevitable. By following the lines of beams, and using a specialhydraulic crimping system, the pipe work is in sympathy with the building, and virtuallyimpossible to detect.

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