What are the servicing intervals and costs?

Regular sevicing is important to ensure that the sprinkler system is maintained in good working order.

It is particularly important for pumped systems as the pump needs to be excersised at regular intervals or it will otherwise sieze up and will not run when required.

Servicing is straight forward and involves inspection, operation of the valves and running some water through the test point to measure the water flow and pressure, and to test any alarms that may be fitted to the system.

For domestic systems and residential mains water connections the recommended interval is 12 months.

For Residential homes with pumped water supplies we recommend either 3 or 6 monthly intervals, as well as weekly inspections by resident staff as part of their regular fire tests.

The cost of a service visit is less than £100 for a Domestic system, and under £200 for Residential visits.

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