High-rise refuse stores, West Midlands, UK

Fire risk analysis

Autoquench were recommended, having designed and installed fire sprThe Fire Brigade identified a serious fire risk within its high-rise buildings. Statistical analysis of fire incidents indicated that the communal bin stores were experiencing a very high incidence of ignition. In most of their high-rise buildings this area was the single largest source of combustible material in the entire building.


The solution called for a fully automatic fire extinguishing system that would operate at the earliest signs of fire, would be easy to retrofit and would consume a controlled amount of mains water without the need for tanks or pumps. The AQ2000 water misting system, which operates at low pressure was selected for the application. This system is multi-functional and has an ‘intelligent’ cycle that controls the water flow. Since these cost effective systems have been fitted, the problem of bin store fires has been virtually eliminated and many hundreds have been installed in buildings throughout the UK and Ireland.


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