SiteGard has evolved over several years from a dedicated portal providing Clients with on-line archiving with simple access to service information and certification, to the current platform which has the ability to monitor and log critical equipment on remote sites anywhere.

Providing Servicing Companies and Facility Managers with a dedicated cloud platform  that enables them to monitor key plant and equipment status on remote sites anywhere. Easily applied to existing estates, SiteGard offers an interactive solution where record keeping and regular equipment inspections are required, or when the consequences of equipment failure is severe.

Available with no capital outlay, connectivity includes optional GSM outstations that transmit real-time individual site faults and alarms to a secure server where they are automatically logged. In addition to being recorded, urgent alerts can be pushed to local field personnel by email or SMS for actioning as required.


  • SMS messaging – Alert site personnel when action is required.
  • Management Reporting – Key details on demand.
  • Audit Trail – Immediate access to event records.
  • Cloud Platform – No hardware outlay.
  • Status Alarms – Fault reporting and logging
  • Site Maps – Pinpoint key locations & site information.
  • Dashboards – Highlighted real-time status data.
  • Fully Automatic – Unmanned, but monitoring 24/7.
  • Free trials – Supplied FOC for up to 1 year for selected installations.
  • Cost effective – Minimal outlay and rapid payback.

Remote Monitoring - Essentials


Local Authorities

Widely used to monitor our installations of bin room systems in tower blocks, the system is easily extended to include other important equipment. Other multi-users include care homes, schools, public facilities and estates, and those with critical equipment that requires monitoring and inspection on a frequent basis.


Service Companies

Companies involved in servicing and maintaining equipment on remote sites where simple sensors can be employed to easily monitor for critical events (Mains power fail, Temperature high, Pressure low….) as well as any triggered events that require automatic logging by time and date.


Partner Opportunities

We are currently appointing a select number of resellers and partner businesses who are operating in compatible markets.

Contact us for details.


Autoquench have created a Platform where registered Clients can access their site records, test certificates and reports on-line.

For multi-users of Autoquench equipment under service contract, we have a web portal where Clients can access their stored site information.

Where monitoring equipment has been installed, it connects to the SiteGard Platform via the GPRS network, and immediately transmitts faults and alarms which are automatically logged 24/7.

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