The AQ90 'automatic fire extinguisher' was developed specifically with OEM's in mind.
Available in different sizes and configurations to suit different hazards, we have supplied custom designs for protecting kitchenettes in student accommodation as well as Retail Merchandising Units in shopping Malls and Conveyor Transfer Points in underground coal mines.

The AQ90 is supplied with a fixing bracket and two harness straps to hold it in place, and they are easily installed over the hazard.

Servicing is the same as an equivalent fire extinguisher, which involves a visual inspection, checking the cylinder pressure and weight, normally on an annual basis.

ABC powder is a multi-purpose extinguishing agent that is one of the most effective products available on a weight/weight basis. After a discharge any excess dry powder can be removed by vacuuming. The area can then be wiped using a damp cloth. If the area is outside it can be hosed off with water.

Case Studies

Retail merchandising units, Birkenhead, UK

Retail kiosks sited within Shopping Malls.

Offshore marine turbines

Marine Turbines, Bristol Channel, UK.

Coal mining

UK Coal PLC, formerly RJB Mining, UK.

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